One Year Later: December 2007 Storms

Do you remember what you were doing a year ago this week? If you lived along Oregon’s coast, you could well have been stranded at home; stuck without power and concerned about rapidly rising floodwaters.

Yes, that’s right. This week is the one-year anniversary of the severe storms that brought hundreds of Red Crossers to Oregon and Washington to respond to a regional disaster.

While they were here, those Red Crossers made certain that:

  • 881 clients received individualized casework
  • 1,462 clients received mental health support
  • 1,917 overnight shelter stays were provided
  • 2,296 clients received health services
  • 15,835 bulk items were distributed, including drinking water, tarps, boots and raingear
  • 88,121 meals and snacks were served

But more important than thinking back about what happened is thinking ahead for when it happens again…and it will. As we ponder this anniversary, take the time to get prepared — get flood tips, learn how to Be Red Cross Ready, become a volunteer in your community.

We’re learning from the past and thinking about the future; shouldn’t you do the same?