Would You Trust Us?

No, I’m not asking if you’d trust Robin and me. I mean, you would, right?

We give you all those great safety tips and book recommendations and shopping advice, so you know we’ve got your best interests at heart.

But would you trust the larger “us”? As in the American Red Cross?

Well, according to a nationwide survey, I’m glad to say you would.

The Harris Poll® surveyed 2,126 U.S. adults online between November 10 and 17, 2008, and the Red Cross ranked #1 out of 16 DC-based organizations with a 93% familiarity rating.

But most important, IMHO, were the results for trust. Among those who are familiar with the organizations, the Red Cross is the #2 most trusted with an 88% rating…second only to the bastion of guidance that is Consumer Reports (92%). That places us ahead of the AARP and The Nature Conservancy and the Sierra Club. Wow.

It also means that we’ve seen steady improvements in how much people trust the Red Cross, up from 84% in 2006 to the current 88%.

So THANK YOU for trusting us. We’re good folks and we’re doing good things…and we’re glad you think so, too!