Oregon Business Preparedness Survey Results!

First, let me offer a few words of thanks to Oregon Business and CFM Strategic Communications for putting together a survey about business preparedness that captures information the Oregon Red […]

There’s More (Preparedness) Work To Do

It’s Monday and you’re probably already feeling depressed. And I know that reading this post is only going to make it worse. I pre-emptively apologize. So here it is — […]

Save The Bunny, Take The Survey

Over the weekend, I went to Forest Grove. Sure, this might not sound exciting, but it was a chance to drive by the Harvey’s Marine rabbit and check out McMenamin’s […]

Got Ideas? DHS Wants To Hear From You

Not a fan of color-coded threat levels? Wish hazard risk assessment tools were open source? Have ideas for how disaster preparedness information could reach more citizens? For the next month, […]

Survey: How Do You Want Your Emergency Alerts?

As I type, Mayor Sam Adams and Commissioner Randy Leonard are surveying local residents about emergency alert systems. There are just a handful of questions and, so you can think […]

Would You Trust Us?

No, I’m not asking if you’d trust Robin and me. I mean, you would, right? We give you all those great safety tips and book recommendations and shopping advice, so […]

One Hour To Vote On Our New Domain Name…

We’ve had 26 votes so far, including those of you who’ve voted from both home AND work (I know who you are). It’s neck and neck between www.oregonredcross.org and www.redcrossoregon.org, […]