Survey: How Do You Want Your Emergency Alerts?

As I type, Mayor Sam Adams and Commissioner Randy Leonard are surveying local residents about emergency alert systems.

There are just a handful of questions and, so you can think before you answer, I’ll post ’em here:

Should the City of Portland create a voluntary sign-up (with the ability to opt out at any time) public alert emergency notification system?

What is the most reliable and fastest method to notify you of a public alert?

The notification system will be used to alert the public to major events that potentially impact public health and safety. More specifically, what types of public alerts do you want to be notified about?

Do you have a landline phone number?

Do you own snow tires or snow chains for your vehicle?

Do you have a 72-hour emergency kit at home?

The questions are yes/no and multiple choice, so there’s no need to draft essays. Here’s hoping that when it’s done, we can get a copy of the results. Should be interesting…

Image courtesy of Leo Reynolds