Your Help Needed: Pick Our New Domain Name!

For the last few months, our amazing Web specialist — Erica Arevalos — has been working hard on a new site for our chapter. Those who have seen it can vouch for the fact that it is a vast improvement over what we have right now. The photo included here is a sneak peek, but I”m hoping you can see the whole thing by the end of the month…

At the same time, we’re evaluating a new domain name to replace PDX, though well known inside city limits, is a little over the heads of the rest of the state and is not inclusive of our operations in Clatsop County and beyond. We’re also the regional chapter for the entire state and would like our site to reflect that responsibility.

So, dear blog reader, I invite you to take our poll in the top right corner. Which domain do you like better — or As an internet user, which would you think of first? Which is easier to say (and remember) in conversations and interviews? I have my own opinions about how they roll off the tongue and stick in the brain, but I want to hear your thoughts.

More to say? Just leave your opinion in the comments below.


  • Anything that does not include extra symbols and is one line helps (no hyphen)

  • I like much better. It feels less bureaucratic. There’s also something I like about the cadence of it that makes me feel more at ease. You can feel the difference when you say the two… try it. 😉

  • Rebecca, I wasn’t gonig to give my opinion, but I completely agree. I find that having to say sounds awkward. Breaking up “oregon” and “org” is more natural.

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