Worldwide Wednesday Wrap-Up

This is the second  post in our new weekly series called the Worldwide Wednesday Wrap-Up, in which we consolidate the major (and sometimes small, but interesting) international Red Cross news into one list of nice little bite-sized links for you.

GAZA: ICRC President, Jakob Kellenberger, is in the middle of his three-day tour of Israel and the occupied territories. Today’s press conference highlighted the humanitarian needs. (See a brief video from the press conference.)
Horn of Africa: (Djibouti, Ehtiopia, Kenya and Somalia17 million people are in very real danger of acute food shortage. The IFRC has launched an emergency appeal for support. Here’s one Red Crosser’s field diary of his experience in Ethiopia
Costa Rica: The Costa Rica Red Cross is providing psychosocial support for survivors of last week’s 6.2 earthquake. The IFRC and American Red Cross stand ready to help if assistance is requested.
Turkmenistan: Red Crescent volunteers act as human traffic lights in an innovative public safety campaign. 
For live feeds of international Red Cross news, keep an eye on our main website: We just added an international tab to the news section.