Singles CPR: Jumpstarting Your Heart

Remember ages ago when I mentioned the — dare I say, BRILLIANT — idea of CPR class for singles? Well, thanks to the help of our wonderful Health & Safety staff, the idea is finally becoming a reality.

Yes, on February 14 (Valentine’s Day, of course!), we’re going to offer our first-ever Singles CPR class. It’ll be right here at the Chapter, 3131 N. Vancouver, and it’ll run from 1-5 pm, giving you time to take your new beau down the street to Pix right after.

The class registration isn’t up on our website quite yet, but I’ll let you know when you can sign up. I can tell you that we will be serving beer, wine and heart-shaped cookies, and that the instructors we’re lining up are both super smart, entertaining and H-O-T.

If you’re someone who has to take CPR to meet OSHA requirements, wouldn’t it be fun to meet new people, too? And jumpstart your heart, both literally and figuratively?


  • If you know a bakery, winery, brewery, dating site, etc. that would want to partner with us on this very special event, have them get in touch with me.
  • This class is a trial run. If it’s a success, we’ll absolutely be considering Singles CPR for men only, women only, divorcees, seniors, pet owners — who knows!
  • And, yes, I’ll likely be attending myself. To, uh, take pictures. Yeah, that’s it…

Photo courtesy of Face it.


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