Does your organization need an AmeriCorps member?

You could have a full-time volunteer of your very own! 

Our Oregon State Service Corps and Clara Barton VISTA Corps programs are now accepting applications for the 2009-2010 year. 

Every year we place dozens of full-time and part-time volunteers at non-profits, community organizations and agencies around the state (as you can see from the map).  Here’s a brief run down of both programs: 
Oregon State Service Corps members address significant issues in the areas of education, community disaster preparedness, public safety and health and other human needs through direct service and volunteer mobilization.
The Clara Barton VISTA Corps program is designed to fight poverty in Oregon communities and its members spend their time serving as grant writers, volunteer coordinators, event planners, fundraisers, program developers, marketing and public relations gurus and more.
If your organization needs someone to help with these issues, I encourage you to apply: Oregon State Service Corps Application, Clara Barton VISTA Corps Application