Attention Brides and Grooms!

I mentioned this in the Worldwide Wednesday Wrap-Up, but it deserves a post of its own.
A custom oil painting company called is auctioning off the “world’s largest oil wedding painting” to benefit the international humanitarian work of the IFRC. And by large, they mean LARGE. (See photo above.)
So if you’d like a larger-than-life likeness of you and your lovey dovey AND you want to help facilitate humanitarian work around the globe, bid now.
The bidding has just begun at $1 and will close on Feb. 13th. The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day.
In the words of co-founder, Thomas Luce, “While what we can do might be very little, we hope to help make the world aware that there is a much worse disaster outside Wall Street now! And we are delighted to work with the IFRC to be part of the solution.”

One thought on “Attention Brides and Grooms!

  • Did you check out the caveat on the bid page? “Guinness World Records will be applied but subject to Guinness’ approval.” Talk about a unique wedding gift; current bid is only at $178!

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