On Chicago And Brownies…

Just a quick note to say that Robin and I are heading out of the office and on to Chicago for the rest of the week.

Why would we want to go to CHICAGO in FEBRUARY, you might ask?

Well, only because we have the opportunity to meet with other Red Cross communications professionals to brainstorm about how we talk about the international work we’re doing.

We’re pretty sure it’s going to be worth braving the freezing temps and we hope to come back with more ideas like Robin’s Worldwide Wednesday Wrap-Ups. But if blog content is a little spotty over the next few days, we apologize in advance.

Don’t forget, however, that we can Twitter while traveling! If you haven’t signed up to follow us already, you can do it right here.

P.S. I’ve heard rumors that we’re staying in a hotel known for inventing the brownie. You can be assured that Robin and I will be testing out the product to see if it’s really worth the fame.