Australian Wildfire Disaster Response

Here is how the Australian Red Cross is responding to the current wildfires:

Around 20 evacuation centres are being run by over 400 Red Cross
volunteers and staff to:

– Register the names of people affected by the fires so that family and friends can contact Red Cross to check that they are okay
– Provide meals for fire fighters, police and other emergency services personnel, as well as people in relief centres
– Provide first aid to assist emergency services personnel and affected people
– Provide personal support to volunteers — emotional support, information and referrals to recovery services.

For people overseas enquiring about family and friends in the bushfire affected areas, please call +61 3 9328 3716
Details on the full impact of the fires are sketchy as many of them are still burning. The Australian Red Cross continues to be guided by fire authorities and the State Government. The focus at the moment is to ensure the well being of people who have been affected by the fires.

If you are concerned about US citizens in the disaster region call the State Dept. for overseas US citizens 1-800-402-4747.

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