Calling All Linguists: Name These Phobias!

Do you suffer from antlophobia? If you live in Vernonia, Oregon, you just might.

Rather than give you all the answers, I’ll give you the phobia and you name the fear (leave your answer in the comments). Each one has something to do with the Red Cross. And you don’t have to get it right — ridiculously creative definitions are totally welcome!









Here in Oregon, I’m hoping we don’t have anyone who’s ombrophobic. In fact, I think it’s more likely that we’re all heliophobes. Am I right?

One good way to diminish fear of disasters and emergencies is to actually be prepared and confident that you know what to do when such a situation arises. Getting trained in CPR/first aid and being ready for a disaster can help.

[BTW, if you have a real phobia and need assistance, here’s a great link from the National Institutes of Health.]

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One thought on “Calling All Linguists: Name These Phobias!

  • Fear of Floods
    Fear of Thunder
    Fear of Cold
    Fear of Waves
    Fear of Blood
    Fear of Being Shocked
    Fear of Tornadoes and Hurricanes
    Fear of Choking or Being Smothered

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