Heater Meals: Hot Food in an Emergency

Imagine this scenario…your house is under water, you’ve lost electricity, you’re wet and cold, and you’re hungry. That’s where a Red Cross heater meal comes in to play.

A heater meal is a self-contained breakfast, lunch or dinner with a self-heating element that requires no power. With a shelf life of 3-5 years, heater meals are important to stockpile in disaster-prone areas, including the Oregon Coast.

As I was heading out on my recent visit to our Clatsop County office, one of our quick-thinking volunteers loaded up my car with 30 cases of replacement heater meals for the coast.


  • As a DAT member I discovered that Heater Meals can play an important role in a Search and Rescue, or Recovery Missions that often occur in the Pacific Northwest hiking areas. Last year fellow Red Cross DAT member Ed Rentz and I were dispatched to the Multnomah Falls area by Rodney Rodgers to deliver a dozen or so Heater Meals to Sheriff Deputies and Volunteer Mountain climbing personnel that were involved in the recovery of a hiker who was critically injured during a fall. They were extremely grateful that the Oregon Trail Chapter American Red Cross was there.

  • I owe an apology to Rodney Rogers for not spelling his name properly in the post above. Sorry about that Mr. Rogers

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