How Lotion Helps The Red Cross

In advance of writing this post, I took a look at my hands. Thanks to the “on again, off again” crazy weather that we’ve been having, they are dry, dry, dry. Really, for someone who has an endless supply of beauty products, I’m not doing a good job with lotion.

Fortunately, lotion is doing a good job for the Red Cross. That sounds a little odd, but bear with me here…

The folks over at Curel have made a very generous gift to the American Red Cross — $250,000, to be more precise. But that wasn’t enough.

Now they’re donating $1 for everyone who goes to this page and dedicates that donation to a friend. It costs you nothing, but could bring the Red Cross an additional $10,000.

What’s more, you also have the chance to vote on where the additional dollars will go. International disaster response? The national disaster relief fund? Our Service to the Armed Forces?

I may not have soft hands, but I definitely have a tender heart. If you do too, why not honor a friend and help out the Red Cross?