Have Bus, Will Travel

Red Cross volunteers come in all shapes and sizes…and vehicles. Including a really awesome double-decker type bus.

I didn’t actually tour the bus, but I was there when this news story was taped. Now it’s nicely been posted online by Louise (@LouiseHornor) of the blog, Our Odessey.

As Louise says, “If you’ve been following this blog long enough, you might remember that we spent Christmas of 2007 in Beaverton, OR, finishing up a Red Cross disaster relief operation there. Only a handful of volunteers stayed behind to close up shop after the holiday, and somehow this caught the attention of the local TV news crew. They interviewed the few of us who weren’t camera shy and put together a nice little ‘feel good’ story for their Christmas eve broadcast.”

I remember those floods and what these volunteers and hundreds of others did to help us out here in Oregon. We’re glad to return the favor in North Dakota this week. It’s true — neighbors helping neighbors…even if you don’t have a street address.