Trivia Time! Guess how long. . .

A few months ago, Robin boggled all your brains with a blood trivia blog that asked you to guess the number of red blood cells in the human body. The answer: 30 trillion! (And you thought you had a hard time grasping the government bailout numbers).

Now it’s time for a follow up trivia question related to red blood cells in the body. This one is sure to blow, boggle, even bewilder your minds.

The body is constantly working to replace old red blood cells. At what rate does the body destroy (and make) new red blood cells? Answer: about 2.7 million cells per second! Woaaaaaah! Did anyone else just feel an odd sensation throughout their entire body? Like the feeling of losing 2.7 million cells?

My brain kind of hurts now. I’m not going to pretend to be science-minded, so I think I better quit writing before I confuse myself or you. But here’s a link to the original article that inspired this blog. It does contain blood-related info, although it’s mostly about the color of human urine (which relates nicely to this blog about the color of blood components).

Thanks to Ethan Siegel for the article and the photo!