We Love Taxes!

Honest, we really do. But not until 2009.

That’s when your Oregon Red Cross will (finally!) appear in the tax booklet, allowing you to check off that you’d really like to donate a portion of your refund to us. And you would, wouldn’t you? I mean, we’re here saving and rebuilding lives every day…don’t you want to help?

Geting on the tax forms wasn’t an easy project. We enlisted the help of Red Cross chapters around the state, our friends in Blood Services, attendees at every one of our Health & Safety classes and many more. And, little by little, bit by bit, we were able to land an incredible 10,000 SIGNATURES.

So THANK YOU to everyone who worked hard to make this happen, particularly the indomitable Darcie Spar. We’ll look forward to seeing you make that little check mark next spring!

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One thought on “We Love Taxes!

  • I’m glad that finally happened. I know Darcie and Niani worked very hard on making that happen. I will definitely check that box!

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