Taking A Break For Safety

I know you’re all busy with working, trying to get things done and be productive. But I’m here to say, “Heck with all that — it’s time for a break!”

No, I’m not encouraging you to go grab a donut from the breakroom or — heaven forbid — head out to the smoke shack, I’m just reminding you that today is Safety Break for Oregon Day and you should really be finding some way to celebrate.

First, you might want to learn a little of the history behind the “holiday.” You might want to check to see if your employer is participating. And then you might take 10 minutes to refresh yourself on some aspect of safety, whether it’s reading though our water safety tips or finding ways to get prepared.

Better yet, you might want to look into CPR and first aid training for your workplace. The timing is perfect; you’ll remember to get re-certified when the holiday rolls around again!

So do us a favor and take a break today. Your boss — and OSHA — will thank you.