Swinging The Night Away

Every once in a while, I hear about things at work that we USED to do, but don’t do anymore. Most of them are no big loss, but every once in a while, I hear about one that makes me think, “We totally should do that again!”

For example, several years back, we held a fancy five-course winter-y fundraising dinner with Bridgeport Brewing. Yum — definitely something I’d like to repeat.

In any case, today I heard about an event that we haven’t done for nearly 15 years…but that I’m going to try my darndest to bring back.

The celebration? A USO-style “victory dance,” held in the ballroom of the Portland Art Museum.

Those of you who are into the Society for Creative Anachronism or historical re-enactment might already get where I’m going. Big band, swing dancing, 40’s garb. People of all ages embracing an earlier time and the the charity that was there through it all…yeah, that’s us.

You can read about some similar events here, here and here. Now to find out if the Portland Swing Dance Club OR the local Lindyhop group OR Tony Starlight’s (my personal favorite) already have a similar event and if they’d consider (hint, hint) making the Red Cross a beneficiary.

If you happen to know of anything like this that’s already happening in Portland, let us know. It would be such a FUN fundraiser and we’ve already got all the gear!