Catastrophe. Survival. Reality TV.

“Step into the compound where The Colony must survive.” No, that isn’t a cool Schwarzenegger quote. It’s the tag line of Discovery Channel’s new show “The Colony,” the latest idea at gaining reality television ratings on a “science-based” network. Now, I’ll be honest; the show feels more like Jerry Springer than MacGyver, but they throw some cool survival stuff in the mix, for instance:

-The “Colony” is composed of people with different skills to theoretically survive (Doctor, Engineer, Biologist, etc.)
-They have instances that hint at actual scientific techniques, such as creating a water filter and a solar energy utility
-There’s an awesome post-apocalyptic feel to the show that is ridiculously entertaining, if not realistic

You be the judge: another reality television failure or a great way to showcase survival skills? Watch it Tuesdays at 10pm.

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