Prepare-aphernalia: The Survival Shotgun

We often discuss the importance of having an easy to grab emergency kit prepared for the necessities of surviving without help for a few days. Earthquakes and Tsunamis have been […]

CNN: Bomb Shelter Boom

The boom is on. And, on a smaller scale, we’ve been seeing a similar run on the emergency preparedness products in our online store. How much would you be willing […]

All Aboard The SS Huckleberry!

We’ve often said that the same principles that would help you survive after a disaster would keep you safe in case of zombie (or alien!) attack. So it stands to […]

Friday Final Cut

Just a short final cut this week…perhaps no news is good news? 40 U.S. Billionaires Pledge Half Of Wealth To Charity — Would you take the pledge? Hands-only CPR, pushy […]

HOW TO: Survive A Plane Crash

If you pay attention to the news, you know that the American Red Cross doesn’t just respond to natural disasters — we respond to transportation disasters as well. In fact, […]

Survive In Style With This $10 Million Bunker

Let it be known that I’m saving every penny of my tax return to purchase this: The super sweet bunker, created by California company Vivos, includes “internal power generation system, […]

There’s A New Crew In Town…

The Red Cross loves zombies. Well…more accurately, we love to prepare against zombies. From the latest Zombotica fundraiser to Ready Radio episodes to our virtual friends on Second Life, our […]