“Start running. Just start running.”

It’s the personal stories of disaster survival that move us. Here’s one from KVAL News that nearly brought me to tears. See for yourself. The Red Cross is always on […]

Red Cross to Ignite Portland!

That title may be misleading…so, FYI, this is not an arsonist plot. Ignite Portland is a forum for anyone off the street to “ignite” ideas in Portlanders. Want to eliminate […]

Catastrophe. Survival. Reality TV.

“Step into the compound where The Colony must survive.” No, that isn’t a cool Schwarzenegger quote. It’s the tag line of Discovery Channel’s new show “The Colony,” the latest idea […]

Sharing Stories Of Survival

What goes hand in hand with disasters? Survivors. Whether it’s Pierce Brosnan and Mayor Rachel surviving the inferno of Dante’s Peak (yeah, I totally watched it last night) or the […]

Don’t Die Out There!

Last Thursday and Friday, your Red Cross leadership team sat down and thought strategically. We do this every once in while and I’m always stunned at the really top-notch ideas […]

Oregon Trail Chapter CEO Abducted by Aliens

Here is the proof; our “fearless” leader has been abducted by aliens. His whereabouts are unknown. There is a clone now occupying his office which explains a lot of recent […]

Survivor Spots Shock Thanks To Red Cross

Did you watch the Today Show this morning? If so, you might have caught this story: The text version doesn’t mention the important role American Red Cross training played in […]

Who Survives When Disaster Strikes?

Aside from the Washington Post article, I wanted to point you in the direction of an article from Time magazine’s June issue, all about how people respond in disaster situations. […]