Red Cross to Ignite Portland!

That title may be misleading…so, FYI, this is not an arsonist plot. Ignite Portland is a forum for anyone off the street to “ignite” ideas in Portlanders. Want to eliminate tiny dogs from the planet? Ignite has a plan for that. How about learning the history of magic? Ignite’s been there, done that.

Robin, Lise and I decided that we needed in on this action and submitted a proposal for Ignite 7! If you value your life in the event of a zombie apocalypse, please go to our proposal page and leave a comment to the organizers! We need your help to prepare the masses!

In the meantime, attend the Zombie Research Society’s “survival event” at NW Tactical Adventures on September 26th and 27th. Practice your skills using airsoft guns on the undead! As I’ve mentioned before, owner James Gunn may be the most prepared individual in the Portland-metro area when the apocalypse occurs.

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One thought on “Red Cross to Ignite Portland!

  • As much as I love the Children's Cancer Association (And I do! Promise!), I not-so-secretly with that the "survival event" was benefitting us.

    Maybe we need to contact Mr. Gunn and suggest that for next time.

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