Survive In Style With This $10 Million Bunker

Let it be known that I’m saving every penny of my tax return to purchase this:

The super sweet bunker, created by California company Vivos, includes “internal power generation system, backup battery banks, deep water wells, biological, chemical and radiation air filtration systems, sewage disposal systems, abundant food and clothing storage, security devices, medical equipment and supplies and critical support equipment including off-road vehicles.”

Big thanks to NPR’s All Tech Considered and Popular Science for their posts…I’m glad to know that once I come up with $10 million, I really WILL be prepared for anything.

One thought on “Survive In Style With This $10 Million Bunker

  • I can't quite make up my mind as to if this video is a great proposal for the next season of 'Big Brother', or a planned Dharma bunker for LOST. I wonder why the proposed Oregon bunker is near John Day?

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