H1N1 Vaccine: What Are Your Thoughts?

In a time of pandemic, there might not be enough vaccine for every American. If that’s the case, who should get vaccinated first? The elderly? The young? Healthcare workers?

These are the types of questions that agencies like the CDC and hospitals around the country ask themselves all the time. And here’s YOUR chance to be part of the discussion as it relates to H1N1.

If you’re interested in providing the CDC with some feedback, a public meeting is being held in Spokane, Washington on August 29. You can find out more about the other meetings happening around the country right here.

If, however, you don’t feel like driving but do want to contribute, check out the two-day online dialogue. Those dates happening late August/early September and there are some participation requirements that you have to meet. Find out more here.

This is your opportunity to make your voice heard on the H1N1 vaccination program — don’t miss out!