Good News from the Medical Communities!

I enjoy reading medical news stories, given that there is always something interesting and potentially profound in development that can save lives! Here are three stories of note from the […]

Meet The Flu Fighters!

Today’s my last day in the JIC, so I’ll give you one last flu-riffic resource — the Flu Fighters! These superheroes are a grown up version of the Scrub Club, […]

I’ve Got The Swine Flu; Can I Sit On Your Lap?

Best. Quote. Ever.Watch the story and see if you don’t have new sympathy for our city’s store Santas during this holiday season.And if you’re worried about making Santa sick, here’s […]

A Holiday Gift You Don’t Want

The Oregon Department of Human Services folks did a great job with this PSA, which you should be seeing on a TV near you. If you’re a fan of clever […]


This week I’m out of the office…but hard at work. I’ve taken on the role of Lead PIO (Public Information Officer) for the H1N1 JIC (Joint Information Center). I assure […]

What Did YOU Get?

Hey, trick-or-treaters. Did you spot any houses actually handing out hand sanitizer last weekend? I’m pretty sure that your dentist, your doctor and I all agree that it wouldn’t be […]

The Name’s Flu. Swine Flu.

Hygiene has never looked this hunky… Introducing the new anti-H1N1 suit. I’m not kidding. Made in Japan, the manufacturer claims that its titanium dioxide coating kills the flu virus upon […]

The Cutest Flu Awww, twine flu is adorable! Other types of flu… are not. Learn how to stop the spread of those cute, cuddly little germs at (P.S. Natalie Dee‘s comics […]