What Did YOU Get?

Hey, trick-or-treaters. Did you spot any houses actually handing out hand sanitizer last weekend? I’m pretty sure that your dentist, your doctor and I all agree that it wouldn’t be such a bad prize to find amongst all your fun-sized, full-of-sugar, finger-food.

And speaking of flu… who better to educate you on the truths and myths of H1N1 than Discovery Channel’s Myth Busters! Check out their webpage devoted to flu at http://www.discovery.com/h1n1.
They bust myths about:
– The effectiveness of masks.
– The origins of H1N1
– “Swine Flu Parties” (**shudder**), and more.
Oh, and be sure to watch their icky, but impressive public service announcement about flu prevention. (Sleeve sneeze, people. Sleeve. Sneeze.)
P.S. If you’re looking for flu supplies, we do sell germ guard packs that come with masks, gel and sanitizing wipes.
Thanks to Stephanie, our Health & Safety Director, for forwarding me the cartoon!


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