Got A Fever? …And Not For More Cowbell?

Saturday Night Live jokes aside, fall weather has arrived, meaning cold and flu season! For Red Cross blood donors, cold, flu and other symptoms of illness are listed as our […]

Who Knew? Flu Season

There is nothing I don’t love about Yahoo’s Who Knew videos. So clever! So informative! So much fun to watch! To prove my point, here’s today’s effort, which focuses on […]

Don’t Listen to Dwight

I call it the “sleeve sneeze.” They call it the “vampire cough.” Either way, it’s a smart thing to do. You know what’s not a smart thing to do? Generally, […]

What Did YOU Get?

Hey, trick-or-treaters. Did you spot any houses actually handing out hand sanitizer last weekend? I’m pretty sure that your dentist, your doctor and I all agree that it wouldn’t be […]

A Message From Gov. Kulongoski… And Elmo

Elmo has been busy lately recording public service announcements with congressmen and governors all across the country – reminding kids to sneeze into their sleeves and wash their hands during […]

The Name’s Flu. Swine Flu.

Hygiene has never looked this hunky… Introducing the new anti-H1N1 suit. I’m not kidding. Made in Japan, the manufacturer claims that its titanium dioxide coating kills the flu virus upon […]

Have You Had Your Flu Shot?

Guess what I did this morning? I got my flu shot. No, not the H1N1 vaccine…just the regular seasonal version. But, in my mind, the needle prick is well worth […]

Are You A Germ-A-Phobe?

If you avoid shaking hands or, worse yet, flushing a public toilet with your fingers, you might just be a germ-a-phobe. [And if you watch Glee like I do, Emma […]