So do I… So. Do. I.

Mmm… marzipan… Another brilliantly bizarre e-card from SomeEcards. (If you go to the site, be advised: a lot of the cards are pretty, um, “edgy.”) FYI, you can find some […]

Rep. Wu On Flu

It rhymes AND it’s good info: For flu PSAs from all 48 members of Congress, go here.

Your vote counts on FluTube!

I hope YouTube doesn’t mind that little name mash-up, but it’s a fun way to describe the video PSA contest. Gazillions of homemade flu prevention videos were entered. Now […]

Simple Flu Preparedness

I adore this short, simple PSA from the fine folks at the IFRC. Check out their website for widgets, posters and much more!

Two Truths and 10 Lies

I recently read a great phrase that described news media as a “fire hose” of information that needs to be filtered through to find reliable sources. It can be especially […]

I’m Prepared For Flu. Are You?

Check it out, guys! Thanks to my lightening fast hand-raising reflexes and zeal for quiz games, I won this awesome Germ Guard Personal Protection Pack yesterday in our staff meeting […]

Practice Makes Perfect

So the pandemic flu has been in news coverage for quite awhile. This might cause one to feel apprehensive or fearful of the future and how to prepare. Luckily, I’ve […]

H1N1 Vaccine: What Are Your Thoughts?

In a time of pandemic, there might not be enough vaccine for every American. If that’s the case, who should get vaccinated first? The elderly? The young? Healthcare workers? These […]

Meet The Scrub Club

We’ve talked before about the importance of preventing the spread of influenza (and many other viruses) by washing your hands. And now, with H1N1 and flu season upon us, it’s […]

Swine Flu: Preparing For A Comeback

Out of sight, out of mind. The moment we stopped seeing photos like this: …was the moment that most of us forgot about H1N1, better known as “swine flu.” But, […]