Meet The Flu Fighters!

Today’s my last day in the JIC, so I’ll give you one last flu-riffic resource — the Flu Fighters!

These superheroes are a grown up version of the Scrub Club, complete with equally excellent names. There’s Maxxine Vaccine, Hans Washer and — my personal fave — Andy Septic.

Their message? Be a workplace flu fighter: practice the flu fighting code.

The Flu Fighters began as in internal campaign at SAIF, but have been so successful that they’re now being shared with Oregon employers as a public service.

View and download the Flu Fighter posters (and learn the code!) here:

Be a workplace Flu Fighter
Hans Washer
Maxine Vaccine

One thought on “Meet The Flu Fighters!

  • I promoted these fun characters over at the Oregon OSHA Conferences Facebook page too. They are just too creative not to share, especially when you are trying to get workplaces to prevent the spread of H1N1.

    Melanie Mesaros
    Oregon OSHA – Public Information Officer

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