I’ve Got The Swine Flu; Can I Sit On Your Lap?

Best. Quote. Ever.Watch the story and see if you don’t have new sympathy for our city’s store Santas during this holiday season.And if you’re worried about making Santa sick, here’s what you can do to prevent the flu.


  • Santa definitely will want to be prepared, as swine flu is still out there! I heard Oregon even had the first reported cat fatality to the disease. However, from being at the big OSU Blood Drive last week all of our fears about swine flu impacting the drive did not come to a reality. From asking several students, it quickly became apparent as to why- about half the student population has had swine flu already, making it difficult to spread anymore. For most, it was rather mild (no worse than a cold). Now to worry about seasonal flu… bring it on!

  • Did you know that we have our very own Santa in the warehouse here? He's a Red Cross volunteer and he works as Santa at malls during the holidays. He's really awesome.

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