Cool Jazz For A Hot Day

It’s supposed to be a scorcher today, so I’m bringing you some sweet jazz that should help you cool off. Or at least “Take Five,” as it were.

Why this particular composition? Not only because it’s a classic, but also because this blog tells us that 50 years ago today:

Jazz pianist Dave Brubeck and his Quartet – Paul Desmond (saxophone), Eugene Wright (bass) and Joe Morello (drums) – laid down their indelible performance of the Desmond-penned classic, “Take Five,” during three summer sessions (June 25, July 1, and August 18) in 1959. Don Hunstein’s rare color shot of the foursome in short sleeves during the sessions at Columbia’s 30th Street Studio distills the essence of “Take Five,” an eternally cool sonic tonic for an endless summer night. Desmond left his royalties from the song, the first million-selling jazz single in Billboard’s Hot 100 history, to the American Red Cross.

What’s more, according to this Wikipedia entry, upon his death in 1977, Desmond left the rights to royalties for performances and compositions to the Red Cross, which has since received combined royalties of approximately $100,000 per year.

How’s that for music making a difference?!

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