Yelping Out The Red Cross

Are you a Yelper?

If you’re the type that likes to check out all the latest, greatest restaurants in PDX — like this one, this one and that one — you’ve probably heard about Yelp, an online guide where users contribute their reviews, telling you where to pick and where to pan.

Okay, so Yelp isn’t JUST for restaurants and bars — you can find all sorts of businesses — but that’s what I happen to use it for. And though I’ve never posted a review myself, many of my friends have…a few of them have even posted frequently enough to attain ELITE membership, which entitles you to all sorts of swanky parties with free food and drink.

And speaking of swanky parties, Yelp is throwing their Ballroom Bash next Wednesday and you’re totally invited. You don’t have to be an Elite member to attend (though there will definitely be free food and drink); you just have to post at least one review on the site. All the details can be found here.

Since us Red Crossers want to be spotted in all of the hippest, coolest places, we’re all over the Ballroom Bash. We’ll be bringing along our infamous prize wheel, giving away gift certificates for places like the ultra-romantic Sapphire Hotel and chatting people up about our Singles and Comedy CPR classes.

This time around, all you have to do to “yelp” us out is show up!