Making The Red Cross Look Good

I like to think that our Red Cross gals are incredibly stylish. Whether we thrift for vintage or just wear our Be Prepared For Anything tees, we’re a darned good looking bunch.

Sure, we might make a misstep every once in a while — I mean, I can’t think of anything PERSONALLY, but Tara, that lime green dress?!?! — but I don’t think anyone would call Stacy and Clinton on us.

But at one Red Cross chapter, someone DID call What Not To Wear on a co-worker. And in Episode 10 of Season 7, Alexandra — a Health & Safety team member — got schooled in style.

Stacy and Clinton intervened in the fashion emergency, resuscitated Alexandra’s wardrobe and left her fully prepared to get back into the dating scene.

So, congrats Alexandra, on living through the truly terrifying 360-degree mirror. We’re so proud to say there’s one more Red Cross gal making our organization look great!


  • UM, EXCUSE ME, but who talked me into the $7 lime green dress!? I'll give you a hint, her name starts with L and ends in ise.

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