Fashion Finds: Fall REDecorating

In what seemed like half a second, the summer sun vanished from the Portland sky and the air turned brisk and cool. It’s officially fall and I officially love it. The thought of pumpkins and peacoats and molasses and mittens makes me absolutely giddy. Buh-bye tank tops and flip flops. Hellooooo scarves and hats!

Since Cross Blog has given you spring and summer REDecorating tips (in addition to other Red Cross-related style guides), I thought I’d continue this seasonal trend with a fall edition. Here’s what’s red hot for fall…

This lamp brightens the night with a bit of blood… whose blood? Your blood!

When it gets dark early, all I want to do is nap. This blood cell lounger looks like the perfect place to practice my napping skills.

If you haven’t heard, vampires are totally in this year. People want to read about them, watch vampire movies and TV shows, and apparently, they want to decorate their homes in vampire themes. Let’s just hope these vinyl bat decals don’t turn into blood-sucking vampires during the night (save your sweet sanguinary substance for the Red Cross!).