Make Out With A Real Dummy

Yeah, you’ve heard the news…Singles CPR is making a triumphant return next Wednesday night!

And there are some new twists on the event this time around. Here’s the scoop:

1. We’re partnering with the fine folks at They help us out with Ready Radio and have kindly been running some laugh-out-loud funny ads to promote the event. I highly suggest tuning in just to hear them. Plus, there are lots of other great shows that might be of interest.

2. We’re partnering with Singlelicious, which is only the most awesome Portland singles group EVER. They put on some great events and it’s really the perfect match for Singles CPR. We can’t wait to do more with them in the future.

3. We’ve started a new “Bring Your Wing!” promotion. We know that no one wants to show up for a singles event all by their lonesome, so bring along a friend and you’ll get 50% off their registration. That’s the best deal yet.

So pucker up for some serious mouth-to-mouth and mark your calendar for Wednesday night. In the words of Barney, it’s going to be…wait for it…LEGENDARY.

Image courtesy of the fabulous Gabriela Camerotti!


  • This sounds like such a great idea — I love it! And who doesn't want a wingman when attending a singles event — even better when they get a discount!

    (Also, the fact that you referenced "How I Met Your Mother" is awesome.)

    Take care, PDX chapter!

    ARC of Greater Grand Rapids, MI

  • Thanks Caroline! It's a good way to get people who might shy away from a CPR class to give it a try. Plus, it's REALLY fun. Everyone goes out after class and has a great time — I've never seen anyone skip out!

    And I'm a huge HIMYM fan, even though I'm sure a few of my friends might cast aspersions. Can I marry Ted?

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