Honoring Soldiers, Past and Present

Tomorrow is Veterans Day. How will you celebrate?

Yamhill county in Oregon has several activities planned to honor veterans and soldiers, including an annual Veterans Day blood drive at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum from 10am-3pm. If you live in the area and would like to donate at this drive, contact Kasey Richter at 503-434-4006 or kasey.richter@sprucegoose.org.

If you’re outside of Yamhill county, but would still like to donate blood in honor of Veterans Day, please visit givelife.org. Enter your ZIP code to find a Veterans Day blood drive near you.

I also recommend honoring the memory of veterans by watching Band of Brothers, a TV miniseries about WWII . It’s emotional, educational, and absolutely extraordinary.

Click here for information on Red Cross wartime history.
Image: Historic Red Cross blood services poster

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