Store Manager Saves Baby With CPR

A staff person for the Portland Goodwill stores just wrote to us inquiring about nominating her colleague for a Breakfast of Champions Hero Award. And her story was too amazing for us not to share:

Yesterday we had a store manager resuscitate an unconscious and not breathing 18-month-old with two short rounds of CPR. I believe the baby has Asthma and H1N1…

The manager also instructed the baby’s mother to get the child’s inhaler from the car and then gave the baby small compressions to get it into her system, while rubbing her chest.

The paramedics arrived quickly.

Our store manager learned how to help the baby by becoming certified each year in your CPR classes we offer here annually. She’s been attending for 5 years…

Incredible, right? I’m continually amazed when I hear stories of how people have used CPR and other lifesaving skills in real life. It really never gets old. I cry every year at our Breakfast of Champions.
If you know a hero you’d like to nominate, go to


  • This blog made me cry! Breakfast of Champions is always emotional, but in a really great way.

  • This Blog is about my elder Sister Christine! It makes me so proud learning how she saved that 18-month old baby! I used to have my CPR badge, (back when I was in Boy Scouts) And after her expierence I would like to get certified again! Great Job SIS! You are one of my Heros!

    Kenneth White

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