The Last Measle

Hey guys. I know a lot of you read my Worldwide Wednesday Wrap-Ups. Sometimes the numbers are so big and the suffering so immense around the world that – as I’m writing the WWW – I find myself thinking, “Wow. What more can I do to help?”
Maybe when you read it, you find yourself thinking that too.
So I want to tell you about one way. The Measles Initiative. This week a report came out detailing how the American Red Cross – in partnership with United Nations Foundation, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, UNICEF and the World Health Organization -has vaccinated nearly 700 million children around the world against this deadly disease. There are more gigantic numbers I could cite – like the 4.3 million children saved this decade by vaccinations, or the 450 people who still needlessly die every day from measles.
But the really important number is this: $1
For less than $1, we can vaccinate a child against measles. Enough of those ones add up to one village. And then one country. And eventually, one whole world where this one child can say goodbye to “the last measle.”
In 2010, we are poised to vaccinate the greatest number of children ever before in one year. Some of the most populous countries – China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nigeria, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo – are planning national immunization campaigns.
You can give the gift of vaccinations with our Holiday Gift Catalog.
So as you’re making your gift decisions this season, I encourage you to consider this life-saving stocking stuffer.
A healthy holiday to everyone!