It’s Time To Vote In The Shorty Awards!

I just got the nicest phone call.

The Health & Safety Director at the Mile High Chapter of the American Red Cross wanted to make sure that we were aware of the Shorty Awards, honoring those who have terrific tweets. He thought we’d make for a great nomination, which is hugely flattering.

If you’re interested in voting for the Shorty Awards, there are some great chapters tweeting out there, including @RedCrossSELA and @OzarksRedCross.

But if you happen to be interested in nominating us, I’ve tried to make it easy! Create your own tweet or feel free to use one of the suggestions below.

As always, thanks for your ongoing virtual support!


I nominate @RedCrossPDX in #nonprofit because they’re making preparedness relevant and fun. #shortyawards

I nominate @RedCrossPDX in #nonprofit because they’ve actively supported community events like the @PortlandPieOff. #shortyawards

I nominate @RedCrossPDX in #nonprofit for their emergency blood drive tweet-up that helped save lives. #shortyawards

I nominate @RedCrossPDX in #nonprofit because they make the Red Cross the RAD Cross. #shortyawards

I nominate @RedCrossPDX in #nonprofit because they’re helping me be prepared for anything. #shortyawards