Worldwide Wednesday Wrap-Up

Welcome to the Worldwide Wednesday Wrap-Up, in which we consolidate the international Red Cross and Red Crescent news into one list of bite-sized links for you. It’s a non-comprehensive sampling of the larger and/or more intriguing aspects of our global work…

[The place names link to maps so that you can get a quick idea of the region.]

HAITI: A 7.3 earthquake struck Haiti, yesterday. Up to 3 million people may be affected. The IFRC has people on the ground and has pre-positioned relief supplies for 3,000 families in Haiti.

The ICRC’s warehouse in Haiti has been damaged. They’ll be sending more staff and supplies, and have set up a website for people seeking to restore contact with family members after the earthquake.
The American Red Cross has pledged $1 million dollars to the relief efforts and has released supplies (such as tarps, mosquito nets and cooking sets) from a warehouse in Panama to meet the immediate needs of 5,000 families. Check the Disaster Online Newsroom for the latest on the American Red Cross response.
KENYA: The IFRC and Kenya Red Cross Society are still helping thousands after floods caused destruction and chaos in many parts of the country.
AFGHANISTAN: Efforts to help detainees received a boost when the ICRC visited people in Taliban custody for the first time since 2001. Other recent activities in the field include water sanitation, limb-fitting and rehabilitation, food distribution, and promoting international humanitarian law. Read the full report.
YEMEN: Harsh weather worsens the plight of civilians in the conflict zone, leading to increased risk of respiratory infection – especially for children – as the ICRC continues to assist with food, water, supplies and medical care.
NEPAL: The ICRC organized a four-day emergency-room trauma course in Kathmandu to improve medical care for people injured in violence, natural disasters or traffic accidents.
DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: The ICRC has facilitated the release and transfer of six Congolese army personnel who had been detained by armed groups in North and South Kivu provinces.

ICRC = International Committee of the Red Cross
IFRC = International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies