Thinking Of Jordan In Haiti…

It’s one thing to see photos of a disaster. It’s another thing to know someone who’s on the ground.

As I catch my breath after a busy morning, I’ve got a little time to think about my friend Jordan Wiley, who’s in Haiti working for Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders).

Jordan’s an incredible guy. When he’s not working for MSF, he’s back here in Portland, helping out with our Red Cross Emergency Warming Center. You can read his volunteer profile here.

This is Jordan’s fourth trip with MSF and he’s used to danger. He’s been in Nigeria and Sudan and now is in the heart of the affected area, Port au Prince. His team runs a stand alone trauma hospital that’s open 24/7 and includes three operating rooms and the nation’s only burn center. All care is provided free of charge.

Jordan is in charge of Logistics, organizing all the support structure for the medical work to be carried out. The job includes includes Safety, Security, Water, Sanitation, Electricity, Fleet, BioMedical, Supply, Infrastructure and some Administration.

The good news is that I’ve confirmed that Jordan and his team are safe. I also know that right now is the time when the MSF trauma hospital and Jordan’s leadership and expertise are needed most.

Please keep Jordan and his team in your thoughts. Like the Red Cross, the work they’ll be doing is life-saving.


  • Jordan, we will keep you and everyone involved in our prayers. Keep it up, I'm sure you're being tested and tried, but I know you are completely capable. We love you and can't wait to see you when your work there is done.

    Joel and Tori

  • I want to say that if anyone is in the right spot it is Jordan, He left the comfort of his home in Portland to do what he felt he needed to in life. Yes a great oppertunity to travel see the world but his focus has always been people ! How to give and help people! So again Jordan you the man!!!

  • Thank you for posting this information on our friend Jordan and his team!! We have been very concerned about him even though we knew he survived the earthquake. Please, if you can, let him know his friends in Portland and Vancouver are praying for him and thinking LOTS about him as he gives so much of himself to help others in crisis right now!

    What a courageous guy he is!! He, I'm sure, is having a life changing experience in Haiti – but more importantly he is also changing and helping with the lives of others in great need. All I can say is WOW!

  • I am proud to know you Jordan! You are such an amazing man. I am praying for you and all of the many people that you are helping.

  • So happy to hear Jordan is well….Wish I was there and working as well..Peace! stay safe!
    Judy Fuhrman (alliance Francaise Paris 2009)

  • Jordan, we love you and are praying for you. Thank you for all you are doing to help those in need. Remember there are many who are supporting you from back home when you get discouraged.

    Love, Micah and Jessica

  • I need to say that if anybody is from the right place it is Jordan, He left the comfort of his residence in Portland to undertake what he felt he required to in life. without a doubt a splendid oppertunity to getaway see the entire world but his concentrate has continually been males and females !! the best way to provide and support people! So once more Jordan you the man!!!

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