“Men anpil chay pa lou”

“Many Hands Make the Load Lighter”. This message is starkly relevant today as we all pull together what we can to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti. It is also the theme of an awesome benefit project put together by Threadless. The concept is simple: a really cool tee based on Haitian street art that will give 100% of it’s proceeds (up to $100,000.00!) to the Red Cross Haiti relief effort.

Threadless invited two designers from the Dominican Republic to design the tee and also enlisted help from Shirts Our Business for printing time and ink. The designers are donating their fee to the Red Cross and the printing time and ink is donated too!

This stylish tee is something I would totally wear any day, but knowing the good it does I might get two! (Early birthday present for my sister? Hmm….) Also, it’s pretty light on the budget at only $10 a pop.

News of this project is already blowing up on Twitter and T-shirts are going fast! You can make your own contribution to the relief in Haiti (and sport a sweet tee) by clicking here

photo courtesy of: threadless.com