Get Your Doughnut Fix, Boost Your Blood Sugar

Yesterday my mom, fiance and I went to Voodoo Doughnut (because diets always start on Monday) and drooled all over the revolving case stocked full of sugary-festive-fat-fried cakes. What to get? Tough call. I wanted it all. We went with a six-doughnut sampler: a regular glaze, a vegan sprinkle, a lemon chiffon, a maple bar, a maple cruller and a maple doughnut (my fiance is half Canadian, hence his inability to resist all things maple).

Some of you may already know that the Red Cross Portland Center no longer carries doughnuts in our blood donor canteen (don’t worry, though, we still have plenty of sweet treats for your post-donation enjoyment). We know that the disappearance of the doughnuts is a disappointed to many donors, including myself. For some reason, nothing satisfies and says “I helped save lives” quite like a doughnut.
As I noshed away on our totally nutrition-less doughnut spread, I realized how close Voodoo Doughnut Too (1501 NE Davis) is located to the Red Cross Portland Donor Center. I almost choked on a sprinkle: “That’s it! Donors can get their doughnut fix here at Voodoo Too on their way home from donating blood!” It’s a truly brilliant, blood-sugar-boosting idea. You could even get the “blood-filled” doughnut. There’s no guarantee that its bloody center will replenish the pint you just gave, but it will most certainly make your gut feel good.
Photo courtesy of Bess Sadler on Flickr.