Dreaming Of Disaster

Over the weekend, I had a really awful dream.

Essentially, Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens erupted simultaneously. Unfortunately, a bunch of my co-workers and I were stuck in a cabin right on the side of the mountain, in the path of imminent danger.

I, of course, was busy twittering the news over at @RedCrossPDX, but was so stressed out that I couldn’t type anything correctly. I think I finally got something out — “Hood and St. Helens erupting. Lava heading our way. Thanks for your support.” — when Alexis pulled me away from the computer with a stern warning that lava really WAS rolling rapidly down the mountain and really I had to stop with Twitter.

The group of us curled up into the fetal position, knowing that our time was coming. We all held hands and waited. And just as the lava touched my toes…I woke up.

Coincidentally, that very same night, Blogger Tara had a disaster dream as well:

“I had a natural disaster dream last night, too, but mine involved running from a hurricane! At one point I remember saying in my dream: ‘I need to print out all the Red Cross disaster tips and put them in a binder.’ A binder?! Weird dreams. I’m glad we’re all ok.”

So, if our bad dreams serve any purpose, use this as a reminder to get up-to-date on disaster tips. They’re all on our website under the “Preparedness” section. See here for volcanoes and hurricanes, specifically.

Question: Have you ever had a dream about a natural disaster? What was it? And, if you know anything about dreams, any thoughts on what this all means?