Name That Volcano

Quick! Name 15 volcanoes in the next 30 seconds. Time’s up. Couldn’t do it? Don’t worry, neither can I. * That’s why I’m so impressed by the people who play […]

Reminders of Oregon’s Geologic Past

We often enjoy posting Yahoo’s Who Knew? videos on this blog (who knew that they are produced by the same company that does The Office and Family Guy?). The latest […]

PHOTO: A Shocking Display

From National Geographic: Lightning crackles over Japan on Friday (1/28) as ash and lava erupt from Shinmoedake peak, one of the calderas of the Kirishima volcano complex. Shinmoedake began erupting […]

Friday Final Cut

It’s Friday, and I once again find myself with a plethora of stories. So here’s your final cut…everything that I want to share, but don’t have time to blog. Enjoy! […]

The Coolest Commemorative Item Ever

Can something commemorate a natural disaster and be TOTALLY AWESOME? The answer is yes. If you couldn’t tell from the image, this is a genuine Jim Beam bourbon whiskey bottle, […]

How you would solve a problem like Eyjafjallajokull?

Apparently unlike Rumpelstiltskin, learning the name of ‘Eyjafjallajokull’ does not mean the problems will go away. Over at the BBC they have been soliciting outlandish solutions to the ash problem […]

Mount St. Helens: 30 Years And Still Going Strong

Thirty years ago today, Mount St. Helens erupted. And even though there wasn’t a dramatic loss of life, it’s definitely one of the most notable disasters in Pacific Northwest history. […]

You vs. The Volcano

[See what I did there? Little play on the title of one of my favorite movies.* Okay, so maybe it’s not that clever…] We’ve got volcanoes on the brain lately […]