The Coolest Commemorative Item Ever

Can something commemorate a natural disaster and be TOTALLY AWESOME?
The answer is yes.

If you couldn’t tell from the image, this is a genuine Jim Beam bourbon whiskey bottle, SHAPED LIKE MOUNT ST. HELENS.
Y0u may have seen similarly decorative bottles in your local thrift store (for example, I have a lovely pastel totem pole in my kitchen). But I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen one like this.
If the shape alone weren’t enough, perhaps the fact that it contains genuine St. Helens ash is tempting. Or that it’s available from the fabulous Community Warehouse for just $6-$10.
If you’re a disaster aficionado, you want this on your mantel. Or maybe I do. Seriously. I think I’m buying this. You better beat me to it!


  • Sad news! Between the time that I blogged this and now, the amazing whiskey bottle has sold. 🙁

    And not to me. :-((

    I will keep my fingers crossed that the buyer plans to give it to me as a birthday present…April 6, hint hint.

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