Prepare-aphernalia: Turn Your Trunk Into A Motorhome

If you drive a car frequently, we hope you at least keep a basic preparedness kit (maybe even a highway kit) in your trunk. But if you want to step your preparedness level up a notch – or rather several notches – we’ve found an amazing piece of prepare-aphernalia for you…

100 years after the invention of the Swiss Army Knife, a new incredible, foldable, compact, gadget-packed contraption has made it’s debut. It’s called the swissRoomBox, and it’s basically an entire motorhome that folds up and fits inside the trunk of your car.

Provided you have a hatchback. (And, if you’re an Oregonian, there’s a good chance you do.)

Like a Transfomer, the swissRoomBox can unfold and reform itself to become many different things – a sink, a shower, a bed, a table, and even a stove top range. Basically, it offers nearly complete self-sufficiency. Which would be handy if you ever find yourself stranded in your vehicle.

At a little over $8,000 it’s a significant investment, but much less than an actual motorhome. Now who wants to buy one and invite me to go camping with them?