You vs. The Volcano

[See what I did there? Little play on the title of one of my favorite movies.* Okay, so maybe it’s not that clever…]

We’ve got volcanoes on the brain lately – what with the recent eruption of Eyjafjallajökull and the upcoming 30th anniversary of Mount St. Helens’ big blast. We even made volcano safety the focus of this month’s newsletter.

But how much should we Oregonians really be concerned about volcano safety? Well, the Epoch Times lists our little Mount St. Helens as one of several active volcanoes under close watch around the world. So I say it’s never bad to be prepared.

Would you know how to deal with volcanic ash? Do you have a mask in your preparedness kit? Head on over to for all the info you need.

*Yes, I’m serious, and I refuse to apologize for reveling in its glorious cheesiness.


  • Robin. I own this movie and can recite it nearly line by line. I mean I LOVE it. Brain cloud! We'll have to watch it together next time I see you.

  • *buries face in pillow and tries not to make any audible sounds of laughter*
    Okay, seriously, volcano safety isn't really something I've thought much about before, after living in good ol' California for ten years! Earthquakes were my main natural disaster focus.
    *opens up the library website and starts reserving books* I have a new research project! 😀

  • As an American Red Cross volunteer and a professional writer, I, too, am pretty aware of the hazards of any major disaster. My husband and I were in The Gambia, Africa, when the mountain erupted, but as soon as we could after returning to Washington we visited the mountain. It was like being on another planet.

    As it happens, this week I also blogged about Mount St. Helens and about being prepared for any disaster:

  • Mary: Great perspective! Thanks for sharing.

    Clare: If you come up with any fascinating facts in your research let us know!

    Wendy: Are you serious?! YAY!!! You may be the only other person in the world who loves this movie as much as I do. (Favorite Meg character: Angelica. "I have no response to that.")
    We MUST watch it sometime.

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