Blood Drive Marketing Around the World

I am glad the previous posts establish that Robin and Lise love the Australian Red Cross. From seeing their blood drive campaigns, I have to admit that I am quite the fan as well!

They found a Advertising Design project that a University course in Australia undertook, looking at past blood drive marketing campaigns around the world to develop some future suggestions for marketing to the University population.

It goes without question that recruiting blood donors is no easy task. There can be many fears and misconceptions leading into a donation, and it is fairly easy to fall into the bystander effect and assume someone else will help in your place. Blood drive marketing has to overcome the obstacles and relate to the audience to let them know why specifically they should donate. Donating blood saves lives, with a constant need for individuals to help out.

Check out the project report to see some great examples as to how Red Cross Societies worldwide have taken on this challenge, and how students came to the conclusion of the suggested poster above!

I don’t quite know about the suggestion of skipping class though…